Distilling Experience to Chart the Future

Touchstones fosters 21st century corporate leaders  who can develop collaborative teams and provide shared leadership to address unexpected challenges in critical markets. Within the larger organization, Touchstones works specifically with public and private enterprises to unlock the potential of your team and the individuals within your team.  Programs generally include 15-20 middle to senior level managers and are tailored for your organizations needs and future success.

Selections from Mencius’ Reflections, Plato’s Republic, Hobbes’ Leviathan, and paintings by Rembrandt (for example) are used as tools for corporate executives to learn to better share leadership and enhance their latent talents to develop innovative approaches and products.

Participants in Touchstones training can expect to develop:

  • Leaders who can leverage and refine the group’s latent talents through collaborative discussion
  • Leaders who develop advanced discussion tools to drive innovation within creative and experienced teams
  • Leaders who push boundaries to enhance innovation and product development
  • Leaders who are more adept at relationship building, networking, and cross-corporate communication
  • Leaders who can break down barriers to increase productivity and retention

Touchstones addresses critical businesses concerns such as; a growing need for increased collaboration across areas of expertise, building a shared vision, and working within the culture of each organization.  Touchstones works with your organization to build stronger leaders and to leverage individual potential and promote innovation and growth for the betterment of the organization.

To see examples of past corporate programs please visit Our Work in Action page.